As one of Hungary’s leading bank groups, we wish to contribute as actively as possible to the sustainable development of our social, economic and natural environment. For this reason, we are striving to take account of the needs and interests of our social, economic and natural environment in our decisions.

When drawing up our business strategy an important objective of ours was to ensure the creation of substantive, long-term value and other benefits for our stakeholders (employees, customers, owners, suppliers etc.). What this means is that we are trying to be sensitive to the issue of balance in our social, ecological and workplace environments. We believe that a sustainable company can create shareholder value over the long term by seizing the opportunities inherent in the economic, environmental and social challenges it faces, and by doing all in its power to manage the risks related to these.


Food bank

„There is no surplus of groceries but food considered to be thrown out because of esthetical or logistical reasons. Food Bank has been working in Hungary to get this virtual surplus to people in need since 2005. We are aware that A little bit of help can mean a holiday feast for those who need it! ”

Balázs Cseh, president of the Hungarian Food Bank

  • The Hungarian Food Bank's Christmas food collection project has been concluded with success with CIB Bank as its main sponsor.  5000 volunteers collected 236 tons of non-perishable food in the course of the project conducted nationwide in nearly 120 cities and 200 venues during the weekend.  The Food Bank will compose more than 39 thousand grocery baskets from the donations and will distribute them to people in need before Christmas with the help of charity organizations.


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Key performance indicators of the CIB Group

  • Number of customers: 438,199
  • Number of active employees: 2036
  • CO2 emissions from energy consumption per employee (tons): 2,5
  • Natural gas saving per year (m3): 2101
  • Amount allocated and paid in support of public-benefit organisations (HUF billion): 52
  • Proportion of locally-based suppliers: 96,6%

 (Sustainability Report 2016)


If you have any questions or suggestions related to our company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, please contact a member of staff at CIB Bank’s Marketing and Communication at:

CIB Bank Zrt.
Marketing and Communication
1027 Budapest, Medve utca 4–14.

Telephone: (1) 423 1000
Fax: (1) 489 6620


If you wish to learn about the efforts of Intesa Sanpaolo, our parent company, to promote sustainable development, please visit the bank’s website by clicking on the following link:

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